Demo II

by Thieves

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This album was released on cassette tape on August 16th, 2012.


released August 16, 2012

Thieves is:
Adam Thorsness - drums
Greg Klemm - bass and vocals
Vincent Giuliano - guitar and vocals
Rudolf Schultz – vocals
Brian Watts - guitar

All songs written and performed by thieves
All songs recorded by Thieves at Hivemind Studios in July 2012
All songs mixed and mastered by Eric Lee



all rights reserved


Thieves Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Withered
Let these days bore through my bones
Let these teeth be ground down to dust
May my eyes fade into pools of white waste
May my ears shrivel and deafen

The edifice will give way to rubble
Every mark will wipe from this stone
All the roads twisting and blackened
This vessel will run over the ground

This place will tear me asunder
These weeks will feed me to worms
Garb me in linens, torch me to cinders
I will be devoured in the dirt

I am but flotsam and fodder
I am strewn in the loam underfoot
Spattered on the stones, fattening the roots
The imminent and the looming
Track Name: Claimed
When at last our dance is done
He welcomes all, old and young
To lay with him in darkened earth
Embrace of ash, in arms of dirt

Through blood and bone he makes his way
The darkest step, a waltz of decay
Track Name: Bound
Hunched and bent low
Eyes rake the glass
Fettered by fear
Held without bonds
Torn from the sun

Sealed within rooms without doors
Caressed by bastardized winds

Whining machines
Clamoring voices
Bathed in false light
Sapping our days
Leeching our strength
Marching this dirge

We are locked into rank and file
This din fills our every thought
Sealed in cages of glass and steel
With our knees bent, we bow our heads

Wasting away inside of these tombs
Track Name: Borne
We are the blood upon the air
We are the blood under the ground

The way is flooded by a writhing mass
Bones grinding themselves into dust

We are the blood under the ground
We are the blood upon the air

Flowing through these limbs that never rest
Bodies adrift in the bowels of this machine

We are the blood

Sink from the sky
Break from the earth
Seeking home