by Thieves

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This album was released on 7 inch vinyl disc in August of 2011.

Thanks to:
Alex Miracle, Alvino, Andy Parmann, Balls Deep, The Black Pedal, the guys at CIK Skatepark, Dan Ryan, Deaf Kyle, Eric Grossmann, Gino Scarim, Jesse and Brett and our Nashville family at Rocketown, The Lemon Drop, Nate Hardy, Pete Grossmann, Ryan Garrett, Sarah Leddy, Veronica, and everyone who helped in the making and release of this record, anyone who has attended our performances, purchased our merchandise, lent us their equipment, and given us shelter or food.

Listen to:
Bone Dance, The Brokedowns, Burdened, Choke Up, Crooked Ways, Crucified, Deatheater, The Effort, Fare Thee Well, Former Thieves, Hate, Kickstart, Louder Than Bombs, Modernhell, Mourner, Rattletooth, Restore, Worker

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released July 29, 2011

All songs written and performed by Thieves
All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Studios in February of 2011.
Album illustration, design and layout by Rudolf Schultz - www.rudolfschultz.com

Thieves is:
Adam Thorseness - drums
Greg Klemm - bass and vocals
Vincent Giuliano - guitar
Bryan Gonzalez - guitar
Rudolf Schultz - vocals




all rights reserved


Thieves Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Dominion
They came like jackals in the night
With chains dangling just out of reach

The trap is sprung
We are consumed

Reigns shackling nations circle their fingers
Our lifeblood a commodity

The trap is sprung
We are consumed
Track Name: Malefaction
Sons and daughters scattered like shrapnel
Mothers and fathers bearing their caskets
Bodies stitched tight, draped with a veil
Yolks of fear bearing down

Sowing seeds of control in rivers of blood

Spreading themselves thin an undone
Everything wasted, crushed underfoot
With their fangs gorging our flesh
Picking their teeth with our bones

Sowing seeds of control in rivers of blood

Rotting blinded as the vultures feed
Millions devoured in a sea of greed
Track Name: Bastille
Bloodstained sand

Wading through fields of corpses
Fire spewed into the sky
Scorch the ground to weed out the rats
Vengeance sent from the swine
Trading one bed of flames for another
Their heads in bags, marked with a number

Beaten, tortured, bloodied and bruised
Left to starve, left to rot

At the hands of ignorant men
Track Name: Breach
Stand and cast the stones clenched in our fists
Bury them beneath an ocean of bricks

Ancient, bitter lips spreading fear
Love shackled by bigotry
Hiding behind the laws of dead men

Cast aside and banished by puppets
Hands from above twisting their strings
Stand and cast the stones clenched in our fists
Bury them beneath an ocean of bricks
Fracture their fingers, shatter their grip
Track Name: Prelate
Hands of evil crawl the skin of a child
Monsters commune inside a citadel of white
Preying upon the young and the meek
Shepherds spreading contagion among the sheep

A serpent with the tongue of a saint dripping with the spoils of the lamb

Thousands ruined by the hands of the holy behind closed doors
There is no end foul enough for their kind

Death would be too sweet an embrace

I would cherish all of their screams
I would wear their blood like a badge
Track Name: Ruin
Drink the rivers dry
Drain every drop
Leave nothing left but dust
A swarm, a plague on the land
Devouring all in its path
It's nailed into your head
Lessons from culture's lips

Poison the ground
Ruin the air
Leave this world a useless husk
A swarm, a plague on the land
Devouring all in its path
It's nailed into your head
Lessons from culture's lips

The end draws near

We will collapse
On the corpse of this world
Everything will rot
There will be nothing left
You've brought this on yourselves
You've brought this on us all