by Thieves

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This album was originally recorded and released on CD in January of 2010. It was remixed and remastered by Pete Grossman in February of 2011, and was released on a 7 inch vinyl disc on September 9th, 2011.

Thanks to:
Pete Grossman


released September 9, 2011

Thieves is:
Adam Thorsness . drums
Greg Klemm . bass and vocals
Vincent Giuliano . guitar and vocals
Bryan Gonzalez . guitar
Rudolf Schultz . vocals

All drums recorded by Joe Gac
All guitars and vocals recorded by Thieves
All songs remixed and remastered by Pete Grossman
All lyrics and music written and performed by Thieves

Cover art by Vincent Giuliano
Album layout by Rudolf Schultz
Insert art by Rudolf Schultz




all rights reserved


Thieves Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Spirit Dust
I am alone
Dead ears hear nothing, and buried eyes will not see
The words for them stopped in my throat long ago
I cast farewells and goodbyes onto the air
I left them underground
The earth will swallow me when I'm gone
Wishing is worthless
We're all dancing inches from our graves

Smoke billowing in our lungs
Disease breaking our backs
No one notices a bowed head
No one will wipe your tears

You are alone
Just like the rest of us
Track Name: Plague Horde
Like sharks swarming over a waterlogged carcass, they came for our blood and our bones
Driving themselves into the ground, they'll drag us all into the depths

Their eager hands will collect dues from my broken bones
They will bury my body in fees and taxes
With nothing but a number to mark my passing
With nothing but a number for my name

Nothing but a number
Track Name: Serpent Smile
Your teeth bared like a porcelain wall of deceit
A snake's fangs bursting from your mouth
Empty, meaningless words spray from your lips like bullets
In your wake: mountains of spent rounds
Piles of shells as hollow as your grin

Beneath your floorboards lie the corpses of a thousand promises
You never stop to smell the stench of your foul work

I can smell you a mile off
You are a rat in politician's skin
We see right through you
Your stench ruining the air
A bank account where a heart should beat
Power in place of love

You will have nothing in the end
Track Name: Minion Folly
Words from a liar’s silver tongue have wormed their way into your heart
Now you walk among the flock, your eyes lowered and your mouth speaking in tongues

You are a parasite, leeching and blind
This crutch cannot hold the weight of your lies

In time it will break
In time they will crumble
In time you will see
In time they will fall

In time you will fall
Track Name: Thrall Snare
Get in line
Shut your mouth
Shoot for the stars
Land among the failed and the broken

Your hopes were bought and sold
Your dreams line their pockets

You were promised the world
You are thrown to the wolves
Wade through empty words
Drown in their disaster

Track Name: Scavenger Lord
Take what you can and run
Climbing hand over foot over hands and feet
Scaling a mountain of those who have been left behind
Chasing after the spoils of those who have reached the top

Vermin kings with their crowns, watching the rest of us race
Nails snapping from our hands as we try to scrape just an inch

The oceans thirst, the ground is failing
Collapsing under the weight of our wasted time
Dogs eating dogs, slitting eachother’s throats
Just take what you can